Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Willy's

So this is a car my step-dad has owned for quite some time. This was my first really fast hot rod that I experienced when I was a kid. He started dating my mom when I was in 7th grade and I remember he used to take me and his son out and we would haul ASS in this thing. No cage, flat black, slicks, seats barely bolted down, fiberglass just flexin the whole time. It was the scariest/funnest shit id ever experienced. I was hooked. My style and interests have changed over the years, but this car is still really special to me. It was completed and shown in '99. I think it took first or second at the Oakland Roadster Show, and has won numerous other awards. Paint and body work done by Creative Concepts in Santa Rosa. The chassis, cage, and motor work was done by Don at American Dream Rods in Santa Rosa. And the interior was done by a guy named woody in the Bay Area. It sports a 355/TH400 with an 8-71 Blower. Believe me when I say this motor sings. Baddest thing ive ever ridden in by far...

Sorry for the crappy pics, you get the idea.

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d-smoke said...

That thing is definitely dope! I remember seeing video of that thing gettin shitty! The image is emblazoned in my head.