Friday, December 28, 2012


Here's a few snap shots from "back in the day". The man pictured the most is my Uncle Rick with a few of his toys. His Chevy van (Free and Easy) had a few stories to tell on it's own. The Sanger (Wet, Wild, and Purdy) with the red paint/small block combo is as purchased, then it flipped on the trailer one day while behind the '72 step side pictured, and ended up going back to Sanger for the blue job and then back home for the big block. In the one pic you can see the brown tri five which was handed down from my great grandparents, and my Dads Willy's coupe project in the garage. The same garage that is now full of my own bullshit. The one pic showing the brown boat being launched by the orange step side is my Great Uncle Bill's combo. The boat is long gone but he still owns the orange step side and has restored it in the last 10 years or so. He is also the man how owned the movie featured Triumph chop shown HERE with my Grandpa on it. So as you can see, I really had no choice in this whole thing.

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