Saturday, November 3, 2012

Craigslist Score

You know how it goes.  You cruise Craigslist for weeks, sometimes month's and never come accross anything worth a damn.  All those stupid posts you click on every time even though you've already seen them a thousand times.  Never finding anything but crap every time.  Until that one day, that one day you accidentally click on that ad that has nothing to do with what you are looking for; and there it is.  The one item that makes all that searching worth it.  Well, that happened to me today.

D-Smoke happened to catch it first.  I stopped looking in the "Tools" section a while back; he, obviously, didn't.  He sent me this link to a local post advertising "automotivetools".  The ad described in words all of the tools for sale but the 4 pictures showed older HD parts.  The last two pictures were of this frontend.  Of course, when the person on the other end of the line answered "Hola?", I knew it was too good to be true.  Wrong number.  Who is the dude that puts the wrong number on his own ad?  The same dude that sells a 21 over Harmon Spirder with a 19in Hallcraft mini-drum frontend on Craigslist. 

Long story short, he replied to my seemingly calm but extremely frantic email and I picked it up today.  Scored it for super cheap and I'm stoked.  Today was the day that made all that CL perusing worth it.  Acccording to previous owner, its been in storage for 20 years and before that it was attached to a Jammer frame BSA.  Reightous.  Thanks Terry!  And thanks D-Smoke, I owe you a case of beer.

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d-smoke said...

This world needs more long bikes