Sunday, July 22, 2012

Breakfast Ride: 28 June 2012

So I've had a couple guys hit me up and say we should go ride.  I figured we might as well all go ride together and get some breakfast while were at it.  If you are on the Central Coast of California and are interested here are the specifics:

Who:  Anyone who rides an old Harley, Triumph, BSA, CB, etc... This is for the older bikes and "choppers".  Sorry, no crotch-rockets.

What:  A reason to ride and get breakfast with like-minded dirtbags.

When:  28 June 2012.  Leaving Orcutt CVS at 0900 for Nipomo (see map).

Where:  See map.

If you are interested and have an old bike or chopper, show up.  Don't know us?  Dont worry, were friendly.  Look for the guy with the long beard, my name is Rob.  If we get enough interest we might do it again.  Questions can be asked in the comments box.  See the map below for an idea of the route or visit this link and see the specifics. 

Breakfast Ride: 28 June 2012. in a larger map

(first time using this map maker so it might be hard to read.  We'll take the 227 through AG to Price Canyon, down to the 1)

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