Friday, July 22, 2011

Prototype Chop Pt. 3

As promised, pics from when it was brought home. As you can see, the bike is only missing a few small pieces from its original version. The paint is still in relatively great shape considering its age. When these pics were taken, the bike had just been pulled from the back of the El Camino and slapped together. Dirt, grime, and birdshit had yet to be cleaned off. It is looking a little cleaner these days.

** Items needed: Santee Air cleaners, 2 bottom gauges, tires, hand grips, and gas cap.

Our search continues to find Bob Bell, builder of this magnificent machine and the parts needed to complete the bike. If you have any information on the wherabouts of Mr. Bell or any other information regarding this brown beast, contact me at The SHIFTHEADS would greatly appreciate it.

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