Friday, February 5, 2010

Weekend Willys

Ahhh, once again, its my favorite time of the week; the Weekend Willys post! I think this is another pic of Kiwi Kev from the HAMB. Ive accumulated quite a plethora (I like using that work, plethora) of Willys pics from the HAMB, and KIWI is one of the main contributors.

Back on topic, this Willys is just plain bitchin! If it isnt already obvious, this baby is liftin the front wheels like nobodys business. Equipped with a drilled axle, hood scoop, and front mounted fuel tank, this baby is ready to rock! One day, I hope to be fortunate enough to own a Willys. Maybe two. One kustom, one gasser...

1 comment:

d-smoke said...

I REALLY want a gasser next, this disease will consume us all!