Sunday, December 20, 2009


Wanted to get away for a few hours and go ride a "new-to-me" spot, Ballinger Canyon. Seniorita Shift was sick and everyone else either didnt have a bike or didnt have a running bike to go. Oh well, I rolled solo. Once I got there, I met some pretty gnarly brothers that actually live like a mile from my house. Not only did they offer up some Keystone light after riding all day, they are into the same shit as the SHIFTHEADS. Guns, cars, and boats; FAST boats. They own a pickle-fork V-Drive boat with a blown and injected Hemi in it. Badass.

Anyways, I thought Id post a few pics, nothin fancy. Ive come to the conclusion that very few things in life are better than a good day of riding.

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senorita shift said...

super duper bummed that I've been sick, wish I could have joined you. next time...