Tuesday, December 1, 2009


So, as usual, in the ever present quest to manhood, a two day, 1500 mile roadie ensues. Dirty Donny brings to the table that his old man used to have an Ironhead Chop back in the day and by the Grace of the Gods while at the man's house in Arizona earlier this year he finds it. It's in a shed covered up and in disrepair. A few key questions by Donny to his old man follow and a deal is struck. The chop for a bear skull, which his Dad FULLY handles business on painting, seriously bad ass work. We figure Turkey Day weekend will do and set out the night before the day of giving thanx. Turns out the day would bring Donny giving Many thanks, the bike is pretty much all there minus some top end stuff which he's already been collecting. He wasn't fully sure what he was getting into and when we got there we were both super stoked. Frank (Donny's Dad) built the shit outta this bike! I couldn't stop looking at the frame for like an hour, no weld on shit either, full man fab. Donny's leaving it as is and keeping the dream alive. Good job buddy! It was worth every minute in that toyota cab, all 1440 of them.

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d-smoke said...

Time well spent! Good score Donnie!