Wednesday, December 16, 2009

New Addition?

If youve never owned a Queensland Heeler, (commonly known as a Blue Heeler, Red Heeler, Australian Cattle Dog, or ACD) than the story linked below might seem far fetched. I grew up with one and many of my friends had one. These dogs are the smartest dogs ive ever seen. Poo-Poo has 2 and they are very, VERY smart. One is even a little chubby. Anyways, ive always wanted to own another one but didnt want to confine it to a small yard or apartment. These dogs need to get out and run a bit. Well, now that we have a bigger yard and our own house, its time. Hopefully, we will be picking one up soon. Check it out.

Sophie the sea dog's survival skills
Sophie the sea dog's survival skills

Click on the link above, give the player a minute. It will play eventually...

I want a red one


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senorita shift said...

...cannot wait! You need a garage dog...