Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Chopperfest '09

Well, I gotta be honest, this was my first ALL bike show. The weather looked like shit the week leading up to it, but it was supposed to clear up the day of, so we decided to go for it. We got there early, like 8:15, so we saw most of the people setting up stands and the swap areas were teaming with parts and scroungers. There was so much "stuff" I was kind of overwhelmed. Bikes and bike parts are still kind of new to me, so looking through hoards of parts is like reading a chineese novel. Im still learning! Anyways, I was pretty much blown away by the quality of bikes there. Most were amazing. I snapped some pics, drooled a bunch, then headed home. Here are some of the noteworthy pics...

*NOTE* I was surprised to find that some of the "blog" builders that are ruling it, are only about 4 feet tall. Kind of weird. Except for Harpoon, that guy is like 7 feet tall.

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