Saturday, November 7, 2009

Lack of posting

Well, for those faithful 2 followers of our blog (via google analytics), you might have noticed a lack of posting on my part in the last week or so. Well, the wifey and I took a trip out to Buffalo NY to see her family, which ive never met. Time away from work and the garage was much needed. Heres a few noteworthy pics of our travels.

This cute little number can be seen struttin its stuff on the streets of Buffalo. No joke, it was the only "modified" "car" I saw there. Well, unless you count fully rotted wheel-wells and rockers a modification. I now fully understand and appreciate the term "California Car". This was completely metalflaked and everything. Dig it...

"When in Rome!" Labatt Blue, drank it till I was blind.

Krazy Kitchen

Sabres hockey game. First hockey game ive ever been to, we had a blast! In this pic, the goalie is fully starting shit!

Middle of the night Slime-Dog. Had to get a few after the hockey game...

Niagara Falls. Its pretty crazy to see it in person. 45.5 million gallons a minute flow over the top.

Drive that ship, FOOL!

PARTY ATTIC!! Uncle Ricky has a pretty gnarly party attic. I need one.


senorita shift said... was a blasty blast! You did drink BLUE until you went blind...haha... Thanks for a great time together hun.

d-smoke said...

I say we build a party attic in your house!