Friday, August 28, 2009


I picked this Econoline up a while back cause it was a "good deal" and I just "HAD TO HAVE IT"! Wow, what a mistake on my part. I think this is the only time ive ever told Seniorita Shift "you were right, this was a baaaad idea". Man, all I wanted was a cheap cruiser to bomb around in and maybe do some camping in. This thing took up my time non stop since I bought it. I had to replace soooo many parts on this thing and do bodywork all over. This thing was a complete mess, but it hauled friggin ASS! Somebody swapped a 250 in it and I had to change the whole throttle linkage around to make it work. Like I said, complete mess. I ended up selling it and putting the money into my coupe. Heres D-Smoker helping me rebuild the window frame. Also, I dont think the previous owner liked Conservatives?!?!

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d-smoke said...

I was just helping you so we didn't have to hold the window in place when we drove it (that masking tape was a sketchy situation)!