Monday, August 3, 2009

Its about time


HAMMER-FACED IDIOTS! T Minus 3 minutes before Ray tries to fight everyone in the club

Well, its about time I did a post about my club brother Von Zacho. Actually, Von Zacho is more than a club brother, hes about the next closest thing I could have to a biological brother. My earliest memories are with this guy. Ive had so many good times with him, and im pretty sure the best ones I cant even remember. As a kids, we had no choice but to be friends; our dads were party animals together. His family and mine spent many weekends together in Napa back in the 80's and early '90s until we moved to Redding. Papa Zach and I stayed close all those years and in to present time. Hes got some real man shit going on right now, and im diggin his vision on the roadster. The '59 Rambler, man, good times in that thing! I thought his dad was gonna kill him the day we backed it into the HUGE boulder in the driveway! hahah, heres to you guy...

P.S. I knew at 7 years old that we would be life long friends when we both showed up to trick or treat in the same pee-wee herman costume un-intentionaly. I need to find a pic of that...

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Matt Price said...

Good times in the Rambler, Cool April Nights, Gasmask, Ricky Rudd, nuff said